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Insulated ducting, is designed to protect up to three 32mm OD water pipes from frost outside the thermal envelope of a building: for use with Groundbreaker, Firebreaker or on its own.

Designed to facilitate the replacement of lead or leaking water service pipes in less than two hours without the trauma of having to dig up floors etc.

INSUduct has been designed to not only comply with, but to exceed standards laid down by BS5422 and within Water Regulation (4) including “extreme” weather conditions.

INSUduct is very simple to install on new or existing dwellings, making it the perfect solution to replacement of leaking or lead pipes or any urban regeneration project.

INSUduct can also “climb” to first, second or higher floors, thus removing the need to bring water services in at any level.

Fabricated in reprocessed materials to meet the green agenda.

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