PolyMax fittings are slim, sleek and attractive, making PolyMax the perfect choice for surface mounted installations. PolyMax is easily demounted using our handy release tool. Use PolyMax with Polypipe white polybutylene flexible pipe, using a Polypipe metal or plastic pipe stiffener. For extra security, choose the new Polypipe sealed stiffener. PolyMax can be used on a wide range of home improvement and refit projects, including hot and cold water systems. The system offers a number of benefits:

• New white push-fit system, ideal for home improvement and refit projects

• PolyMax fittings are slim, sleek and attractive: ideal for surface mounted applications

• PolyMax is secure in use but tool demountable

• Use for most hot and cold water supply or heating applications • Use with Polypipe white polybutylene pipe systems or with copper pipe

• Use Polypipe metal, plastic or sealed stiffeners (15mm and 22mm only

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