Grease Traps

At Plastech, we stock a range of grease traps, available at our depots in Wigan, Doncaster and Shrewsbury.

The purpose of a grease trap, as the name suggests, is to effectively prevent oils, fats and grease from draining into the sewerage system and potentially causing blockages.

Grease Trap
Grease Trap


Grease traps are used in both domestic and commercial premises, but it is particularly in the commercial arena with restaurants, food preparation companies and commercial kitchens, where the use of grease traps is very important.

The reality is that by disposing of fats and oils directly into waste pipes and the sewerage system, blockages will eventually occur. Those blockages could be in the sewer system or the blockage could be in the waste pipes of the food preparation company. Either way, there is a cost, either to the business or the environment and most likely, both.

With grease traps, or grease interceptors, waste fats and oils are filtered from the waste water before it enters the drainage system. It is safely retained in the trap, ready to be cleaned out when appropriate, while waste water easily flows into the drainage system.

At Plastech, we recommend that the grease traps are installed as close as possible to the disposal point of the grease and oil, before any of it can enter the drainage system.

Grease Trap
Grease Trap


We stock a range of different sizes of grease trap depending on the application and the amount of fat and grease that is disposed of. Please call us on at one of one of your local sales offices to discuss your particular requirements.

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