GROUNDBREAKER Taking the lead in Lead


Taking the lead in Lead

Replacing lead pipes? – its child’s play with Groundbreaker Systems.

Background: Lead is a highly toxic material with exposure leading to serious health problems, especially in infants.

Lead pipe was used to provide water services in properties built even as late as 1970.As no-one knows exactly where these lead pipes are, there is a very high risk that contaminants could, even today, be present in drinking water. Whilst every water company takes steps to mitigate the presence of lead within the drinking water, the only truly safe practice is to replace lead water services with modern plastic pipes.

What does lead pipework look like?  

Typically lead pipe has a larger overall diameter than “normal”, has “ball” joints and sounds “dull” if tapped. 

Where might you find lead pipe? 

Any property built BEFORE 1970 could have lead pipework. High risk properties would therefore be Victorian, Edwardian and properties built between the Wars – possibly up to 40% of all housing stock! Often “discovered” when extensions, alterations and kitchen refurbishments are taking place.

What to do when lead pipe is found?

The only safe (and legal) way to replace lead pipe is to remove it altogether. Traditionally, this has meant that floors have had to be pulled up to remove the lead pipe, leading to disruption, trauma and cost to the householder. Whilst grant aid may be available, it makes common sense to minimise the trauma that the discovery and removal of lead pipework would bring.

An alternative solution:

What we offer is an externally mounted, water pipe insulation system that allows the NEW water pipe to be installed outside the thermal envelope of the building. Using this innovative system, all the necessary works can be carried out within just two hours ,rather than days as would be traditional methods.

INSUduct System:

Used for lead pipe replacements and leak repairs. Approved by most water companies Simply core through the wall ,line the core with our SHalloduct productfix INSUduct and new pipe externally, connect to new water service pipe

Technical details:

Compliant with all Water Regulations. Compliant with BS 5422.Frost resistant for 24 hours at -12 Celsius Designed to be “part buried” to give protection from frost down to 750mm below ground. Can “ladder” to first, second floors or higher. Add water control and a meter? If installing INSUduct, the home-owner may also consider installing an external control and meter on the side of their property.

Our Groundbreaker system offers the perfect solution for easy access to water controls instead of trying to scrap around in the footpath.

Available from all 3 Plastech depots and online , Groundbreaker is readily available to the general public and is also compliant with all relevant Water Regulations.


Compliant with all Water and Building Regulations, our product range offers practical and cost effective solutions to essential building works and utility services.

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Further information should also be available through your local water company.