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Carat-S Eco Plus package
• Simple & quick to install
• The Eco Plus is a wall mounted pump which supplies harvested rainwater on demand to WCs, washing machine & any external taps
• The black cistern at the base of the Eco Plus is filled with mains water. The water is drawn from this cistern when the rainwater in the Carat-S tank is low. This guartantees a continued supply of water
• Innovative float sensor detection on the Eco Plus unit ensures that the household is constantly supplying water to the property but only the amount necessary to maintain the supply to toilets, washing machine and external taps, leaving as much volume as possbile in the tank to collect rainwater when available
• Maintenance and servicing of the Eco Plus is straight forward as the pump is located above ground where it can be easily accessed
Scope of supply
1 Underground tank (choice of tanks available, sizes vary according to property type)
2 Telescopic lid (choice of telescopic lid available, depending on tank location)
3 Filter (Optimax filter supplied in accordnace with type of tank)
4 Floating water intake
5 Eco Plus unit
6 Float sensor (connected from Eco Plus unit to the underground tank)
Supplied by others
7 100mm diameter duct pipe to contain; float sensor cable and rainwater feed
8 100mm diameter drainage pipe connected from downpipes to the inlet at the top of the tank (all downpipes brought into one pipe for connection to the filter)
9 100mm diameter pipe for overflow from the tank to mains drainage network or soakaway