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Carat House In-Direct package
• Simple & quick to install
• Submersible pump supplies harvested rainwater on demand to the header tank where it is then gravity-fed to the WCs & washing machine
• The header tank controls the operation of the system, supply of harvested rainwater and backup mains water to the WCs
• Dual valve system within the header tank prioritises rainwater supply over mains water, maximising the use of all available rainwater to save on mains water consumption
• Mains water switchover point is at a lower level in the header tank and becomes operational when rainwater is not available from the underground Platin tank
• Mains water backup supply is not reliant on power supply or pump pressure and therefore guarantees supply of water to WCs at all times
Scope of supply
1 Underground tank (choice of tanks available, sizes vary according to property type)
2 Telescopic lid (choice of telescopic lid available, depending on tank location)
3 Minimax filter supplied in accordance with type of tank
4 Submersible pump with floating water intake
5 Float switch (connected from mains water backup unit to the underground tank)
6 Header tank package
Supplied by others
7 100mm diameter duct pipe to contain; float sensor cable, power cable for pump
8 100mm diameter drainage pipe connected from downpipes to the inlet at the top of the tank (all downpipes brought into one pipe for connection to the filter)
9 100mm diameter pipe for overflow from the tank to mains drainage network or soakaway