GAS METER BOX SURFACE (UK standard mark 2 recessed)

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• Compliant to British Standard BS 8499: 2009.
• Fire retardant BS476, Part 7, 1997, Class 2.
• Constructed from GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic.
• Suitable for all meters including prepay and
• Will not corrode, weather resistant.
• Easily cleaned and can be painted.
• Complete with spigot, hinges, lock and key.
• Hinge on right.
1. Build the box into the wall in the position
specified, ensuring it does not bridge the damp
proof course.
2. The base and sides of the box should be fully
bedded into the mortar to hold it into the wall
with the sides of the architrave touching the
outer leaf of the brickwork.
3. A 0.1mm thick polythene sheet or similar, at
least 700mm wide shall be fitted as a damp
proof course above and behind the box.
Alternatively, a suitable cavity tray shall be used.
4. Where a spigot is fitted, build the inner wall
around it, filling any space between the spigot
and the wall with mortar. (The spigot will be
cutflush with the inner finish of the wall by the
pipework installer.) (Full installation guidelines
supplies with the meter box.
Spare key (170001)
Spare spigot (GC0001)
Spare door (GDP0001)
595mm high x 409mm wide x 214mm deep
Depth of box underneath door is 212mm.


Download the full data sheet here.