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The Hy-Tex GeoMat™ range of three dimensional, synthetic, cuspated erosion control geomats are used to provide permanent reinforcement to the grass root matrix for permanent surface erosion protection.

Erosion Control

Hy-Tex GeoMats™ are the ideal solution where vegetation requires permanent assistance protecting the ground from weather and water erosion.
The dense fused strands imitate the role of a root matrix - binding and trapping soil particles, as well as fertile humus, and reinforcing the soil.

Vegetation Promotion

Hy-Tex GeoMats™ provide stable conditions for rapid development of vegetation.
The filaments also offer long term support to the developing plant root matrix, assisting them to resist undermining by harsh erosion forces.

Typical Applications

Hy-Tex GeoMats™ are recommended on sites were established vegetation alone is unable to resist erosion. Such locations can include riverbanks, drainage channels and steep slopes.
They are made from extruded polypropylene monofilaments or stitched nets to provide effective soil reinforcement.