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plantex platinum

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Plantex® Platinium


With its performance enhanced intrinsic strength, DuPont ™ Plantex® Platinium is resistant to the most aggressive weeds. Whether its Japanese knotweed, couch grass, reed, giant reed, giant hogweed, marestail, horsetail, bamboo or Himalayan balsam, Plantex® Platinium will deliver the resistance required.  Following numerous test by DuPont’s R&D team over several years in natural environments, no perforation or regrowth through the fabric has been observed.


Once correctly installed on an area contaminated by invasive plants, Plantex® Platinium does not require any maintenance, unlike alternative solutions like periodic chemical treatment or physical removal.


While providing an effective barrier against invasive plants, Plantex® Platinium crucially still remains permeable to air and water.  This permeability prevents trapped water and associated issues, as can occur readily with a closed impermeable membrane system allowing Plantex® Platinium to be installed horizontally without these concerns .  The water and air permeability is ecologically sympathetic as it ensures respect for the natural balance of the soil by maintaining its biodiversity. Trapped moisture will be able to evaporate naturally through the Plantex® Platinium thus preventing condensation under the fabric which can lead to mould and degradation of the soil. Furthermore the soil temperature will not be affected (less greenhouse effect).


Plantex® Platinium is available in widths of 2.5m and 5m. The 5m width is especially important when covering large areas as it requires fewer joints. The material is simply rolled out and covered and, if required, jointing can be undertaken relatively simply by taping or welding. A Plantex® Platinium Installation Guide is available


Plantex® Platinium has a very strong tear resistance and is highly resistance to damage, which is clearly particularly important during installation. Due to the fibre structure and manufacturing method even cuts that are introduced intentionally will not propagate to a larger tear. Dupont predict that Plantex® Platinium will be durable for a minimum of 8 years when exposed to sunlight (UV) in the Central European climate zone.


  • Delivers reliable protection against most aggressive weeds
  • Outstanding tensile strength
  • Horizontal application only
  • Chemical free
  • Easy & fast installation
  • Enhanced manufacturing technology for even greater protection
  • An ecologically friendly solution, as the fabric is permeable to water and air
  • A low-cost alternative to mechanical treatment or soil replacement