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The Plastech “PREMIER MK II” Liner, is a robust, easy to assemble, eco-friendly system, which can be supplied ready built, or in flat pack panels.

Panels are manufactured by an injection moulding process, which guarantees consistent quality, unlike other manufacturing processes, such as rotational moulding or blow moulding.

The Range

The PREMIER MK II can be supplied in components or assembled to a depth of 300mm with the following clear openings:

Model Number Clear Opening
Premier MK II 1 300 x 300
Premier MK II 2 300 x 450
Premier MK II 3 450 x 450
Premier MK II 4 450 x 600
Premier MK II 5 600 x 600

All dimensions in mm. Clear opening measurements are width x length.

Design Benefits

  • Premier MK II chambers are injection moulded from a recycled, 20% talc filled, Polypropylene material, making them very durable and impact resistant, especially during cold weather.
  • Panels can be supplied flat packed for ease of transportation, or delivered ready assembled for speedy installation on site.
  • All panels are 300mm deep and come in standard width sizes of 300mm, 450mm and 600mm.
  • The panels come complete with hole drilling guides for pipe sizes up to 120mm diameter.
premeir mk2 duct access chamber
duct access chamber


Pipe Access

PREMIER MK II duct access chambers are all very easy to access and can be cut out very quickly and easily on site using a standard hole cutter and cordless drill.

The average time to drill an access hole is approximately 5 seconds... giving massive labour savings.

Covers & Frames

We offer a wide range of covers and frames to suit the PREMIER MK II duct access chamber.

  • Composite covers & adjustable frames - B125-12.5 tonne loading
  • Block pavior covers
  • Concrete infill covers
  • Tarmac infill covers
  • Pressed steel, pedestrian duty covers
  • Ductile or cast iron covers & frames