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Pro-Tex™ Drain Inlet Filters

Pro-Tex Drain Inlet Filters are new lightweight mats used to protect road gullies, kerb inlets and surface drains from debris, and silt laden stormwater run-off, without compromising drainage.

Pollution and clogging of drains is a common problem on construction and commercial sites, often resulting in blockages, reduced drainage and pollution which can lead to costly fines and remedial works.

The new Pro-Tex Drain Inlets Filters have been designed to offer a quick, practical solution to intercept and trap this harmful debris and silt without compromising stormwater drainage.

The mats are simply placed over the grate, or against any inlet, and secured in place. They are easy to monitor and just require removal of accumulated silt by sweeping and scrapping deposited material from the top and around the mat (particularly after heavy rain).

With each mat there are 6 cable ties provided to ensure easy installation. The cable ties provided are 370 x 4.8mm.

Two grades are available: “Blue”, which is synthetic, for long term and multi site use and the most reliable performance and “Brown”, which is biodegradable, for short term protection (up to 1 month) where environmental friendly disposal is a priority.

For ultimate drain pollution protection we would advise using these in conjunction with our Ultra Drain Guards which add further filtration and oil absorption.