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Ultra Dewatering Bags

Hy-Tex Ultra Dewatering Bags provide an effective way to collect harmful sediments from dirty water pumped out of excavation works (such as foundations, pipe line construction, water, sewer and utility trenches, waterways and lakes) that would otherwise pollute the surrounding environment.

It is a legal requirement to prevent silty water from leaving site untreated, and a finable offence if you do not take appropriate pollution control measures. The Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG6, in summary, require that the majority of suspended solids (gravel, sand, and silt) must be removed from site water before it is discharged into a drain, sewer or watercourse.

The standard 1.80 x 1.80m Ultra Dewatering bags has the capacity to trap near 1 tonne of silt and cope with flow rates up to 2,730 l/min, while the larger 3.05 x 4.55m bags can trap over 4 tonnes of silt and cope with flow rates up to 6,818 l/min.



  • Collects harmful sediment before it can enter the watercourse
  • Cost effective solution
  • Multiple sizes to cater for all needs
  • Light, compact and easy to store
  • Only requires a small working area
  • 180 micron pore size