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Vip domestic channel comes complete with galvanised grate A15

VIP’s domestic channel drainage offers a complete, easy to install system, for the drainage of surface water for domestic applications.

Manufactured from polypropylene/ABS and designed to withstand the Class A15 loading of a standard vehicle
(15kN), VIP’s domestic channel drainage has been manufactured to meet the BS EN ISO9001 quality standard and
conforms to BS EN 1433.2002.
• CE marked in accordance with the Construction Products Register.
• Slip resistant and heel guard.
• Concave design and deeper outlet for improved flow.
• A15 Load rating - Tested to BS EN 1433:2002.
• No locking bars required.
• Grate is easily removed with a flat head screwdriver.
• Threshold for use at front of a door, allowing the installation to conform to Part M of the Building Regulations.
Can be applied around many domestic areas where surface water collects including:
• Driveways (light vehicles only) and pathways.
• Patios and conservatories.
• Swimming pools and sports areas.
• Gardens and water features.
• Retaining walls.