Rainwater Harvesting Pipe

Plastech supply a range of rainwater harvesting pressure pipes for both below ground and above ground use. It is manufactured from virgin polyethylene (EN 12201 PE100) and meets the requirements of WRAS/ING No. 9-02-05, which is the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme guidance for the marking and identification of pipework for water reuse systems.  It is ideal to deliver rainwater to domestic systems, but it can also be used for larger industrial and commercial projects. Rainwater harvesting is increasing in popularity with rainwater being collected primarily from rooftops, and then being stored for uses like landscape irrigation, but in more sophisticated systems for toilet flushing, for example.

Rainwater Harvesting Pipe
Rainwater Harvesting Pipe


Importantly, the pipe is colour coded black and green to try and avoid the possibility of rainwater being used where potable tap water is needed. This also complies with the water regulations.

The rainwater harvesting pipe we have available at Plastech is available in straight lengths or in coils. In straight lengths our 63mm pipe is available in 6 meter lengths and diameters 90mm and above are available in 6 meter and 12 meter lengths. Our coiled pipe is available in diameters from 25mm to 180mm. We can obtain pipe from 25mm in diameter (straight lengths only) too, but it is a non-standard product, and would need to be ordered in.

Rainwater Harvesting Pipe
Rainwater Harvesting Pipe


In commercial settings the pipe is suitable for pressure ratings of PN10 or PN16, and electrofusion fittings are compatible with the pipe.

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