Groundbreaker Smart Water Meter Box

The green and cost effective solution to water supply management

Why use Groundbreaker?

  • Certified as resisting temperatures as low as –15C for 3 days (water industry standard 4-37-01).
  • Security designed in - toggle latches.
  • Accessible for the infirm and elderly.
  • Complies with the Water UK/HBF Joint Industry Development committee best practice guidelines.
  • Perfect platform for “smart” meters.
  • Easy access for eyeball reading.
  • Meets Secure by Design Criteria Co-located utility meters.
  • Offers multiple location options.
  • To reduce Carbon footprint.
  • Use on new or existing housing stock.
  • Low cost maintenance facility.

Where and when can Groundbreaker be used:

  • Greenfield sites
  • Contaminated (brownfield) sites
  • Urban Regeneration
  • New build housing
  • Park homes & caravan sites
  • Compatible with barrier pipes
  • Can be installed at any time to a new or existing building.



Click here to view/download the Groundbreaker flyer (PDF)
Click here to view/download the Groundbreaker fixing instructions (PDF)

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