STAKKAbox™ Duct Access Chambers

The STAKKAboxTM is different from many other products which are currently on the market, as it is a load bearing chamber, which requires a concrete surround for its structural integrity. For most systems on the market, if the installation is poor then you could be in trouble - not with STAKKAboxTM. The STAKKAboxTM range includes the option of pre-drilled access sections (114mm hole size is standard). STAKKAboxTM comes in a standard section depth of 155mm so this means that the chamber can be built to the correct height on almost every occasion, without the need for cutting the tops of chambers off.


The STAKKAboxTM duct inspection chambers shall be manufactured from 33mm thick, high strength, twin wall, Polypropylene sections.

STAKKAboxTM shall be capable of withstanding a 40 tonne wheel loading, without the need for a structural concrete surround. The STAKKAboxTM sections shall be 155mm overall depth and come with male and female joints and be available in a range of standard sizes as follows:

The STAKKAbox™ Access Chambers Range

Model Number Clear Opening Section Depth Load Rating
STAKKAbox™ 1 300 x 300 155 B125
STAKKAbox™ 2 300 x 450 155 B125
STAKKAbox™ 3 450 x 450 155 B125
STAKKAbox™ 4 600 x 450 155 B125
STAKKAbox™ 5 600 x 600 155 B125
STAKKAbox™ 6 900 x 600 155 B125

All dimensions in mm. Clear opening measurements are width x length.

The duct inspection chamber lid shall be manufactured from high strength, polyester composite material and shall conform to BSEN124 Class B125, 12 1/2 tonne wheel loading. The lid shall locate into a 2.5mm thick galvanised steel frame which allows for heights and tilt adjustment. If you require any further information, please contact us.

duct inspection chamber
inspection chamber

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