Above & Below Ground Tanks

Septic tanks & Cesspools
Septic tanks and cesspools are an economic and reliable solution for dwellings without mains drainage in applications ranging from single houses to large residential and commercial developments.

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Wastewater treatment
Our range of wastewater treatment solutions cater for residential, commercial and utility applications. There are a number of options and sizes available for a wide range of flows and population needs.

septic tanks

Separators remove oil and liquid hydrocarbons from surface water run-off while aiding settlement of silt and other suspended solids to avoid pollution of receiving waters.

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Pump stations
We offer a comprehensive range of pump stations for diverse applications, from domestic installations to large-scale commercial or industrial sites. Utilising our design team and manufacturing capability, Pump stations can be made to exact customer specifications to meet precise needs and operating conditions.

Rainwater harvesting
We can provide water recycling solutions to maximize water conservation. We supply a complete range of residential and commercial solutions to green-build developers, builders and homeowners who want to add rainwater harvesting systems to their residential or commercial properties. We offer rainwater harvesting systems and rainwater harvesting pipes to builders and owners of commercial properties such as schools, public and office buildings.


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