Geotextile & Geosynthetic Membranes

Our range of geotextiles have excellent filtration properties, making them ideal for use in a variety of construction applications. Examples would include trench drains, wrapping of infiltration and attenuation units, wrapping of perforated drainage pipes and encapsulation of granular drainage blankets.

Non Woven White Geotextile

Non Woven White Geotextile Our thermally bonded non woven geotextiles have been developed for separation and filtration in a wide range of groundworks applications and manufactured using a unique thermal bonding process. Used as a separation and filtration layer in applications for erosion control, attenuation units, horse arenas, trench drains etc. A variety of grades are available dependant on each application.

Woven Black Geotextile

Woven Black GeotextileWoven geotextile membranes are manufactured from extruded polypropylene tapes which are resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis and is unaffected by bacteria and fungi. Its woven construction delivers high tensile strength, making it particularly suitable for use in separation layers. A variety of grades are available dependant on each application.

Geosynthetic Membranes
We offer a wide range of impermeable liners for wrapping modular water storage units/blocks, creating a watertight barrier to prevent storm water from filtering and saturating the surrounding ground. Geomembranes are now also widely used for the containment of liquids, solids and gases in a variety of construction applications such as stormwater control, lakes, ponds and reservoirs.


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