Woven Black Geotextiles

At Plastech, we hold stock of woven black geotextile membranes. They are manufactured from extruded polypropylene tapes which are resistant to all naturally occurring soil acids and alkalis. The black polypropylene is not affected by fungi and bacteria.

Woven Black Geotextile
Woven Black Geotextile

It has a woven construction, giving great tensile strength alongside a robust puncture resistance which make it ideal for use in the separation of layers which is often required in the construction of roadways and car parks, for example. Different grades of geotextile are available, and they are application dependent. We will happily give you advice, if you need it.

Woven geotextile has typical applications in areas of heavy traffic such as car parks, access roads, and roads in industrial areas. The separation of layers such as granular infill from soil, for example, means that the two layers don’t mix. Mixing layers can have a detrimental effect as it can cause a loss of strength and durability and surface rutting. Maintenance costs are reduced by keeping the layers separate.

As standard the black woven geotextiles are available in 4.5 x 100mtr rolls. However, they also come in smaller Handypack sizes of 4.5 x 10mtr.

We also offer an Orange Alert woven geotextile, but is only available on a special order basis.

Please call us at our Wigan, Doncaster or Shrewsbury depots to discuss your particular requirements, or fill in the contact for on this page.

Woven Black Geotextile
Woven Black Geotextile
Woven Black Geotextile

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