Polybed Underground Drainage

Polybed is an alternative underground drainage solution, and is a cheaper and more effective alternative to the heavy aggregate drainage systems that are traditionally used. It uses drainage bead as an alternative to aggregate. This improves infiltration because of the consistency of bedding and surround.

Polybed Underground Drainage
Polybed Underground Drainage

In use Polybed is relatively light and far faster to install with 40% cost and labour savings possible compared to a like for like traditional installation. Some of the features and benefits are as follows:

  • 40% Cost & Labour savings potentially
  • Use of Innovative materials gives enhanced performance
  • Excellent contaminant filtration
  • No Aggregate required
  • There is minimal land disruption
  • Ideal for delicate, shallow requirements
  • Quick and light to fit - it just needs one man.

The design and engineering behind Polybed give it the excellent in-situ performance. The drainage bead has a consistent shape and density which provides an increased surface area and an excellent infiltration/exfiltration capability over single sized stone in typical shallow drainage applications. The shape also provides a good void ratio compared to traditional methods. Polybed has been tested at Nottingham’s Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC), and it was adjudged to be ideal for carparks and roadside filter strips, for example.

Polybed filters contaminants such as de-icing agents, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons, at the same time ensuring water can flow through to the managed water course or storage facility.

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Polybed Underground Drainage
Polybed Underground Drainage

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