Pipe Chamfer Tool

Our plastic pipe chamfering tool is a must- have accessory when connecting soil and drainage pipe, whether it is for above ground or below ground use.

Our chamfering tool chamfers 110mm pipe to an angle of 15 degrees in line with EU regulations. The tool fits easily into either an electric or battery operated drill using a 13mm chuck. The main benefit of using the chamfering tool is the amount of time it saves.

The tool chamfers a plastic pipe from rough to ready in less than ten seconds, which means that sawing and connecting a number of pipes as part of a system, is made so much easier with a significant saving of time.

So, the tool is simple to use, saves time and energy, is highly durable and fits easily on to any powered drill.

Our pipe chamfer tool also comes supplied with easily replaceable HSS (High Speed Steel) blades.   

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