TwinWall PVC Sewer Drainage Pipes (WIS 4-35-01)

For adoptable sewer applications

150mm, 225mm & 300mm diameters
Suitable for adoptable foul and surface water sewers
Private foul and surface water applications

Twinwall PVC drain offers the following benefits over traditional materials.

  • The flexibility to tolerate ground movement without damage, whilst withstanding the combined effects of backfill and loading
  • Fewer joints to reduce the likelihood of leaks and blockages
  • A high level of chemical resistance to the wide range of substances found in both effluent and contaminated soils
  • A smooth bore gives good hydraulic performance
  • WIS 4-35-01 certification for adoptable foul and surface water sewers.


twinwall pvc pipe
drainage pipe
twin wall pvc drainage pipe
pvc pipe

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